Buteyko Asthma Education offers a range of products that can help you in your battle to control your breathing difficulty.
Buteyko Home Education Kits
  If there is not a Buteyko Educator in your area, you may like to learn the technique using a Home Education Kit.
  The Home Education Kits, created by Buteyko experts, are designed to help you understand your condition and to control it using the Buteyko method.
  The Buteyko Online Home Education Kit was originally produced by  Buteyko Online (New Zealand) in 1998.   ORDER
  Thousands of people have purchased the Kit and most of these people have used the Buteyko Method to effectively and efficiently control their Asthma.
   It is available for US$80 plus postage and handling. If you order this Kit, please indicate the age of the person taking the program, as there is a different workbook for children than for adults.
  The Home Education Kit comes with a video (DVD or VHS), a workbook and a manual.
  To order, please visit the Buteyko Store or call toll free on 1-877-ASTHMA3 (1-877-278-4623) to use a credit card (Mastercard, Visa and American Express), e-mail us or send a check (Product will not be shipped until the check has cleared) or money order to:
Buteyko Asthma Education USA
2507 Brewster Rd
Indianapolis IN 46268

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and email if you have one with your order.

If you are uncertain which product you would like to order please feel free to call me at 877-278-4623.
  Other Products / Books
  1) The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome by Jennifer Stark   ORDER
   This book is the first western book to discuss the syndrome of overbreathing and how it affects the entire body. It provides a detailed, easy to follow introduction to hyperventilation, and how using Buteyko will improve your health. Case studies of people who have successfully used the Buteyko Method to control their asthma, sleep problems, allergies etc. are included, along with stories from Buteyko practitioners. It is NOT a do-it-yourself guide to the Buteyko method.
  2) Close Your Mouth by Patrick McKeown
  This best selling book on the Buteyko Method has now been revised with detailed instruction of all exercises. Suitable for children and adults from mild to severe asthma. Written in a very user friendly way to ensure maximum understanding and self application of the Buteyko Method. Comes with short summary, charts, interpreting the control pause, three versions of reduced breathing, steps, breath holds during exercise, medication warnings and more. It is the definitive guide to taking control of asthma.
  3) Timer (Count Up/Count Down)
   A count-up/count-down timer perfect for timing your Buteyko exercises. Easy to set, with number buttons to specifically set the minutes/seconds you want. The number, start/stop and reset buttons are silent, unlike most count-up/count-down timers. Counts up to 99 minutes 59 seconds. Has a belt clip, a stand, and a magnet to attach to a metal surface.
  4) Tape (25 sheets; 10 sheets)
  High quality hypoallergenic fabric tape in 4" x 6" sheets, easily cut into sizes that fit your needs.