Learning Buteyko

Classes - Group and Private

A class focuses on your specific needs and enables a practitioner to tailor the program to suit your needs. Buteyko courses are taught in a variety of ways:

5 consecutive days - usually from Monday to Friday with classes lasting 1.5 - 2 hours
4-5 consecutive days with classes lasting from 2-3 hours
3 consecutive days with classes followed by a day 1 week later and a day 2 weeks later with classes lasting from 1.5 - 2 hours
2 consecutive weekends with classes lasting for 1.5 - 2 hours
Classes, weekly for 5-8 weeks

Currently, because of my position as Executive Director of the BBEA and the time commitment that involves, I only hold classes on request. Because I have found that the 5-8 week classes are profoundly more effective, I will only do those, except under exceptional circumstances.

For a Buteyko Educator near you, please click on the Buteyko Educators link on the left. Always interview the person before you commit. Also, if there are no educators near you, there are a number of senior educators who Skype - this is the second best option. As a last resort, consider a Home Education Kit.

To obtain a free information pack please contact me or download it.(99KB, .pdf format)

Download information: History, Physiology and Hints (183KB, .pdf format - requires Acrobat Reader)
Home Education
A professional video, accompanied by an extensive manual explaining Buteyko has been developed for those who are unable to reach our courses. People are guided through the program carefully and precisely with these tools, together with a workbook to record progress. Full online support is also a feature of this Do-it-Yourself Buteyko Education Program. With the Buteyko Home Education Program, people are taken through the Method over a period of fourteen days. To find out more, click here.