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History, Physiology, Hints
A brief history, a simplified description of the physiology of Buteyko and some things you can do right now to help your asthma

Health Sciences Institute
The Health Sciences Institute article that was originally in the September 2001 issue. I have added notes where applicable.

Escape From Asthma
A booklet explaining hyperventilation syndrome in PDF format (697KB) written by Peter Kolb and illustrated by Victor Lunn-Rockliffe.

Booklet for Doctors
A booklet explaining the hyperventilation syndrome written specifically for Medical Professionals in PDF format (45KB) written by Peter Kolb.

Medical Articles

The Brisbane Trial
In PDF format (472KB).

Effects of Inhaled CO2 on Idiopathic Sleep Apnea
Sleep Research Laboratory, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Department of Medicine Toronto Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.In PDF format (180KB).

Treatment of Refractory Sleep Apnea with Supplemental Carbon Dioxide
Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison. .In PDF format (32KB).

Hypocapnia and Increased Ventilatory Responsiveness in Patients with Idiopathic Sleep Apnea
Sleep Research Laboratory, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. .In PDF format (35KB).

Patients with Acute Hyperventilation Presenting to an Inner City Emergency Department CHEST. In PDF format (507KB).

Study's Success Leads to Early Halt of Ventilator Trial Vanderbilt University.
In PDF format (57KB).

Carbon Dioxide From the 'Cyclopedia of Medicine, by Yandell Henderson.
In PDF format (41KB).

Hyperventilation Syndrome: A Diagnosis Begging for Recognition Topics in Primary Care Medicine.
In PDF format (24KB).

Hyperventilation: The Tip of The Iceberg Journal of Psychosomatic Research, by L. Claude Lum.
In PDF format (24KB).



How to Stop an Asthma Attack (Patrick McKeown)

How To Unblock Your Nose (Patrick McKeown)

Breathing Exercise While Walking (Patrick McKeown)

Applying the Buteyko Method (Patrick McKeown)

How to Measure the Control Pause (CP) (Patrick McKeown)


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What Causes Asthma (Patrick McKeown)

Sleeping (Patrick McKeown)

Significance of the Control Pause (Patrick McKeown)