Code of Ethics

1. Buteyko Educators adhere to the principles of the Buteyko method as developed by Professor Konstantin Buteyko.

Professor Buteyko developed a breathing technique designed to work alone. It does not need or require the addition of other techniques such as naturopathy, the power of positive thinking, chiropractic, iridology etc.

2. Buteyko Educators educate clients in the Buteyko technique respecting their individual needs, values and culture.
  Buteyko Educators put the health and welfare of the class participants before financial gain or personal gratification. They never conduct classes unless they are sober and unaffected by drugs. They do not engage in illegal, immoral or improper conduct, nor do they make any suggestions or recommendations of those activities with any class participants.
3. Educators view any information obtained in a professional capacity as confidential and use professional judgment in sharing such information.
  Buteyko Educators have a moral obligation to avoid breaching the privacy of any class participant. Consent will always be given by the client before any details are used for promotion or research of the technique.
4. Buteyko Educators promote and uphold the good name of Buteyko.
  Buteyko Educators live their lives in a way which could not be deemed by the Professional body of Buteyko Educators to do harm to the name of Buteyko or other practitioners. Any research into areas of health where Buteyko could be used to help people regain their health is considered vital to the development of the technique. and will be conducted in an ethical manner. Any promotion of the technique will be done honestly, and without misleading information. Advertising will meet legal requirements regarding therapeutic claims.
5. Buteyko Educators respect the inherent accountability and responsibility of their roles in the education process.
  Buteyko educators educate their clients about the Buteyko method, hyperventilation theory, breathing exercises, correct usage of asthma medication.
The education is high quality, accurate and up-to-date. The doctor-patient relationship is both respected and encouraged. Clients under the age of 18 are educated only with the written consent and physical presence of a parent or legal guardian. Free follow-up treatment is available for those clients who need it Buteyko educators consult with other Buteyko educators when a client is not improving as expected.
Clients with conditions not appropriate for Buteyko are referred to other sources.