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The Home Education Kit provides a comprehensive guide to the Buteyko breathing exercises. The video/DVD works in conjunction with the manual to :
1. describe how you can use the Buteyko Method to control your asthma
2. reduce your medication intake and enjoy a dramatically improved quality of life.
The program has been designed to fit in with your lifestyle so that the changes you will make to control your asthma will not dramatically affect your life.
The Buteyko video/DVD not only demonstrates the exercises that will help you to control your asthma, it also clearly explains the physiological processes involved in breathing. Due to various stresses asthmatics over-breathe or hyperventilate without knowing it and this causes asthma attacks.
The Video/DVD and manual together explain what happens when we over-breathe (breathe more than we need to for our physical efforts). The causes and the consequences of overbreathing and ways to avoid it are discussed.
Using the Buteyko Method can help an asthmatic of any level of severity gain freedom from their asthma symptoms if they apply the Buteyko Method.
The manual accompanying the video/DVD describes the physiology of breathing and hyperventilation in depth.
They combine to provide a detailed guide to the most effective use of emergency asthma medication, including when and how you can work with your doctor to reduce your medication.
Both kits stress that preventer medication must be reduced only under a doctor's supervision.
The Manual also includes sections on:
1. Colds and Flu
2. Buteyko and Exercise
3. Children and asthma
4. Children's Exercises
5. Frequently Asked Questions
Using the Buteyko Method can help an asthmatic of any level of severity gain freedom from their asthma symptoms.
People who purchase either the Buteyko Online or the Kick Asthma home education kit have 30 minutes of free telephone consultation. After that telephone consultation will be charged at a rate of $15 per 15 minute segment, payable in advance.
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