About Us

Susan Neves was born in Florida, USA and spent virtually 27 years overseas before she became a permanent resident of the US and eventually Indianapolis.

She has a degree from Clemson University in Psychology and Math and has spent most of her employment years to date working with computers. She has had a long-time interest in asthma because her daughter, as a toddler and through childhood, had quite severe asthma.  2 of her 5 grandsons also had very severe asthma.

Susan was trained by the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH) a non-profit International organization based in Australia which maintains rigorous standards for their member practitioners. In December 2000, she underwent an additional 2 weeks of training by Dr. Buteyko and received certification as a Buteyko Practitioner through the Buteyko Breathing Therapy Center of Moscow.

Currently she is the Executive Director of the Buteyko Breathimng Educators Association, Inc (BBEA) and most of her energies are spent in that capacity.

Buteyko Asthma Education was founded in late 1998. Since then she has worked to promote Buteyko and educate people in the Buteyko Method and the problems of hyperventilation.