About Asthma and Buteyko

World wide, more and more people are becoming Asthmatic.
It is a condition that is increasing in incidence for reasons no one can really understand. Medical research has created many drugs to combat the symptoms of Asthma - to help asthmatics gain control over their breathing difficulties.
Using the Buteyko Method, control comes without the use of drugs. Buteyko teaches you to control your condition by normalizing your breathing. Better still, without the symptoms of Asthma, you can dramatically cut back the amount of medication you take.

The Buteyko method offers Asthmatics a safe, effective system for controlling their asthma, without side-effects.

What is the 'Buteyko Method'?
The method is a program of education and simple breathing exercises that enables you to control and reduce the frequency of your asthma symptoms. The program encompasses the Buteyko breathing exercises, as well as a comprehensive description of Asthma and how to manage it.

Clinical trials show Asthmatics enjoyed an improved quality of life with reduced Asthma symptoms, as well as a 96% reduction in reliever use and a 49% reduction in preventer medication three months after adopting the Buteyko method.

Buteyko Asthma Education experience in teaching this method suggests that these results are achieved by almost all Asthmatics who follow the program.

The Buteyko Method's first priority is safety - Buteyko does not suggest asthmatics discard their prescribed medication. Course attendees are instructed to use their reliever medication on an "as needed" basis, and to reduce preventer medication only under doctor's supervision.

Buteyko reduces asthma symptoms and drug dependency in four ways:
  • Using special breathing exercises to normalize breathing patterns and reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.
  • Monitoring the condition accurately and using the Buteyko Method
    when it is becoming worse.
  • By practicing a natural and effective method to overcoming attacks.
  • Learning about what your medication actually does, and how to use the smallest amount for the greatest effect.

    The Buteyko method is not a cure for Asthma. Neither is the alternative most asthmatics face - a lifetime of drug dependency.

    Unlike the medication option, Buteyko has no known side-effects and does not require an ever-increasing medication intake to control the condition. Buteyko works to reverse the underlying cause of asthma - chronic hidden hyperventilation.

    By reducing chronic hidden hyperventilation, Buteyko relieves the symptoms of asthma, and allows you to control your asthma, rather than your asthma controlling you.

    What is involved in learning it?
    If you want to know more about the physiology, download Escape From Asthma. This booklet is in pdf format and has quite a few diagrams. It will take several minutes to download.
    If you require more information to determine whether you could benefit from Buteyko, take our online asthma control quiz, send us an e-mail or join our mailing list.
    The Learning Buteyko and Products sections contain products to help you gain control or to enroll in one of our courses check out the Learning Buteyko section.